The Time Bart Simpson Promoted Scientology
Written by Cary Nelson

In 2009, Nancy Cartwright, a staunch Scientologist and the voice of Bart Simpson, unofficially used the character in a prerecorded telephone message promoting an up and coming event related to the group.

Audio of the recording appeared on YouTube as a video from someone who had received it on their voicemail. Originally uploaded on January 28th 2009 by Youtube User, "fullofbts", it soon was removed, said to be due to a DMCA claim by 20th Century Fox (Rights holder of The Simpsons).

News outlets jumped on the story, reporting on the out of character use of Bart Simpson promoting such a controversial group. Both 20th Century Fox and The Church of Scientology remained closed-lipped publicly about the matter.

Al Jean, a producer and show-runner of The Simpsons said when questioned about the message,

"This is not authorized by us. The Simpsons does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy, or system of beliefs any more profound than 'Butterfinger Bars.'"

Here's the message with slightly cleaned up audio and the phone number censored.

Listen to the Message:

A Brief Description of What's Being Said:

Scientology members take courses to move up in levels known as "Operating Thetan" (OT). Ms. Cartwright is talking about the 7th level (OTVII). The 6th level (OTVI) is also known as "Solo NOTs" ("Hubbard Solo New Era Dianetics for OTs").

A Link to an Uncensored Mirror of the Original Video:

(Reuploaded by: DoctorTDurden)

It's unclear if Nancy Cartwright received any disciplinary actions from this occurrence.


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