The Scandals of "Toon Town"
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From things that went right over our heads as kids, to disgruntled artists, mistakes, or offensive content from cartoons of the past.

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Part of the original concept and pitch for Bob's Burgers, was that the entire Belcher family were cannibals.
Acquiring their meat from the mortuary next door.

In The Lion King (1994), starry particles swirling in the sky appear to spell "S.E.X."

It's meant to spell "S.F.X." A reference to the special effects department that handles environmental elements.

Despite this, the shot was trimmed in future home releases.

It has been confirmed by Hey Arnold creator, Craig Bartlett, that Helga's mom was an alcholic.

Which explains her love of "smoothies" and her lethargic nature.

The Chipmunk Adventure (1987) song, Girls of Rock and Roll, was originally written for, and used first in, the raunchy 1986 R-rated movie, Malibu Bikini Shop.

"...Radio blastin' all the way to the club..."

In the Jimmy Neutron episode, "Birth of a Salesman" (2002), while showing his new invention called "Book Gum," allowing the chewer to know a book as if they had read it.

After Cindy tries a piece for Gone with the Wind, she remarks that it tastes like "fried chicken," then quotes the character of Mammy,

"...I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies!"

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, in the episode "The Littlest Tramp" (1987) a parental group got upset with a scene where Mighty Mouse sniffed (what they said was) cocaine.

With context it's a crushed flower that he was given earlier in the episode that he saved in his pocket.
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