RevealingCartoons started life in the 6th grade.

Every year my school would hold an event where students wrote stories and put the books out for everyone to read. This year, I decided to write a non-fiction one about, what I called, "cartoon scandals." Things in animated media that is considered inappropriate in otherwise family-friendly material. Not thinking twice, I submitted it, causing a stir in the school faculty. Resulting in internal emails, questions about my upbringing, and the school refusing to display it the day of the event (keeping it in an envelope at all times on campus).

When word of the "risqué book" got to parents, I was asked to show a small group my book. They thought it was over-hyped.

In 1933, Tex Avery lost the sight in his left eye after it got hit by a paper clip shot with a rubber band by co-worker and fellow animator, Charles Hastings.

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