RevealingCartoons started out life in the 6th grade as a school project. Every year my school would hold an event where students would write stories and they would put the books out for everyone to read. I decided to write a nonfiction book about cartoon "scandals" (the word I chose to describe things in animated media that is considered inappropriate in otherwise family friendly material). The book was called, Revealing Cartoons: A Collection of Cartoon Scandals. It caused a big stir within the school faculty because of its content (in hindsight, I should have realized). They refused to put it out on the day of the event and made me keep it in a manila envelope at all times on campus.

Word of the "risqué book" got around to student's parents and soon I was asked to show it to a small group of them. They thought it was fine and even found it funny.

Although this happened, the topic continued to be an interest of mine and figured it would translate well into a website (that I worked on and off with for years), along with other trivia, facts, and history about animation. It's run as a hobby.


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Seth MacFarlene (Family Guy) was booked to be on American Airlines Flight 11, which was the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11.

He was late to the airport that morning and missed the flight due to a scheduling error.

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